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Sherry Laskin brings you river cruise and coastal cruise information, ship reviews, port tips and guest interviews. From cities and towns, cultures and cuisines to outdoor adventures and activities, it's all here to help you plan your cruise vacation.
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May 25, 2017
Theresa Norton just returned from the christening of AMAKristina, a brand new river cruise ship from Ama Waterways. Her itinerary from was Amsterdam to Switzerland. We talk about the design of the cruise ship, the dining options onboard, the stateroom, and the ports of call she went to. 
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May 18, 2017

Chris drops by this episode to chat with us about the where the river cruise industry is at and where it's going. 

We discuss: 
  • AMA Waterways just announced a pretty state of the art ship that will debut next years. What are river cruise lines doing to separate themselves from the competition?
  • What about ocean cruising - are the river cruise lines trying to capture the ocean cruise market?
  • How to align what river cruise itinerary would match your personality or your cruising style?
  • Demographic in river cruises. More younger folks are surfacing on river cruise lines - is this going to be a trend or just a fad?
    Listener Q from Maria in VA
    What is the suggested time to pad your trip on the front and back end if we want to explore Rome before our Northern Europe river cruise. 
May 11, 2017

Sherry Kennedy links up with us this week from Europe where she just stepped off Avalon Waterways' Artistry II. She was sailing on a seven-night Northern Holland and Tulips cruise. This is a seasonal sailing that Avalon offers. 

We hear about:
Her pre-cruise adventure 
How embarkation was different than other sailings she's been on 
The thoughts of the ship 
How the food was 
What ports she visited (it was a lot!) 
Details on her excursions 
How her connectivity was on the ship 
Tips for sailing Northern Holland 
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May 4, 2017

This week I had a chance to chat with Vanessa Lee, river cruise expert, and Godmother of the Avalon Vista. I've known of Vanessa for years and finally had a chance to meet her on a Holland America sailing in 2016, we quickly became friends.

We chat about:

Being a Godmother of a river cruise ship 
Where she thinks river cruising is going 
Are world events causing people to hedge with river cruising
Terri Burke has been on both side of the cruise industry, once on the consumer side and now on the operations side as Managing Director of Avalon Waterways. Recently, Avalon Waterways announced some new enhancements and we caught up with Terri to speak about them.
We talk about:

Culinary enhancements 
The new Active Discovery shore excursion program 
How immersed does Avalon Waterways get into the destination
Waiving the solo supplement fee for 2017 European sailings